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Gangstyle will be in Brazil for Carnaval

4 Feb

If you are a PSI fan like me, you may be happy to know that he is going to be in Brazil for Carnaval. He will take part in Carnaval celebrations in Rio and Salvador dancing his famous “Gangnam Style” with two big name brazilian singers: Ivete Sangalo and Claudia Leite.

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Are You Going to Rio de Janeiro?

18 Oct

Are You Going to Rio de Janeiro?

Anthony Bourdain @ The Travel Chanel- No Reservations – Rio Journal, shows what to expect when going to Rio de Janeiro. Learn about the culture, food, jiu-jitsu, favelas, beach and about the “Carioca” people in Brazil. BTW, you should know what “Carioca” means when going to Rio de Janeiro. Watch the show¬†and find out! Let me know if you still don’t know what “Carioca” means!

Totally recommend it! Enjoy!

See the complete show at:–u9M

No Reservations: Rio Journal - Photo 4

“Ipanema Beach, Rio. This is where Cariocas come to play.” – Tony Bourdain @