Do You Scuba Dive?

4 Dec
Fernando de Noronha: One of Brazil’s Most Treasured Destinations for Brazil Scuba Diving
By Joe Naab October 9, 2012
Looking for Brazilian Scuba Diving? Hidden way offshore in the Atlantic, nearly two-hours by plane, is the small, gorgeous and nearly uninhabited island of Fernando de Noronha. I had never heard of it before I got here and I expect that few foreigners and even many Brazilians have never heard of it, either. Let me share the basics.

Fernando de Noronha is simply stunning. Due to the careful preservation of this island, there are only 3500 inhabitants and only they and their families are permitted to live there. Not even Brazilians can simply up and move there. The island contains 17 square kilometers of land. Tourism is restricted to about 1000 tourists at a time. In order to discourage tourists from staying long, a daily tax is paid that doubles in value each week. For example, when I was there the daily tax was R$14. Let’s guess that today, five years later, it’s about R$20. So, for your first week there you’d pay R$140 in the occupation tax. If you stay an extra week, you’d pay R$280 (R$40 per day). For a third week you’d pay R$560 and so on, doubling every week. See the rest here


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